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Enforceable government directions during coronavirus 

In line with expert health advice about what the community must do to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Australian governments have issued enforceable government directions which set out requirements and restrictions for businesses in each state and territory. These public health directions may include matters such as:

  • directions for certain workers to be vaccinated 
  • limits on public gatherings
  • physical distancing and density requirements (such as 1.5 metre distancing and 4 square metres of space per person)
  • limits and restrictions on operations, including types of businesses or facilities remaining closed and limitations on activities
  • hygiene, cleaning and signage requirements
  • risk management requirements such as COVIDSafe plans (or similar)
  • keeping records of contact details for the purposes of contact tracing, and
  • penalties and compliance.

Not all public health directions will be the same in each state and territory or for each business, so it is important you review the directions which apply to your workplace.

Remember, even if these public health directions don’t apply to your workplace, you must still do all you reasonably can to meet your work health and safety duties and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Some businesses and organisations are required to prepare COVIDSafe Plans (or similar). These requirements may be implemented under public health or emergency management directions or to meet jurisdictional WHS requirements.

As enforceable government directions are being made regularly, we encourage you to regularly check the links on this page for more information.

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Biosecurity laws cover issues such as travel restrictions, cruise ships, international airports and remote communities.


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