Industry information on COVID-19

Information for your industry about work health and safety and COVID-19. 

How to keep your workplace safe


COVID-19 vaccines information

Information for employers, small businesses and workers on the COVID-19 vaccines and how to manage risks from COVID-19 in the workplace.


Risk Assessments

Assess the work health and safety risks from COVID-19 and put in place measures to manage those risks.


Physical distancing

Information on requirements for physical distancing and measures to ensure people keep at least 1.5 metres apart.



Guidance on implementing measures to ensure workers and others maintain good hygiene at the workplace.


Rapid Antigen Testing

Information about Rapid Antigen Testing in the workplace.

Key resources

Industry information

COVID-19 work health and safety (WHS) guidance and resources for your industry. Find relevant information on key topics including your WHS duties and how to manage risks from COVID-19 at your workplace.

What rules apply in my state or territory for COVID-19

When to contact your WHS authority

For WHS incidents, injury reports, notifications, complaints, licensing and compensation claims contact the WHS authority in your jurisdiction.

Safe Work Australia does not enforce or regulate WHS laws or workers' compensation schemes.