This page includes resources for workplaces in the Trades and Home Maintenance industries on work health and safety, workers’ compensation and COVID-19.  

Information on the Building and Construction industries can be found on the Building and Construction industries page.

The Trades and Home Maintenance industries provide services to upkeep, care, supply and repair homes, buildings and the environments surrounding them.  

This may include: 

  • plumbing services 
  • electrical services 
  • air conditioning and heating services 
  • fire and security alarm installation services 
  • plastering and ceiling services 
  • carpentry services 
  • tiling and carpeting services 
  • painting and decorating services 
  • glazing services 
  • gardening services, and 
  • other trade or home maintenance services, such as ‘handyman’ services. 

Workplaces may include private homes, and a range of other private and public buildings and outdoor locations. Workers may be based in a single location for long periods or may move regularly between locations to work.

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