This page includes resources for Beauty salons and day spas (including tattooing and body piercing services) on work health and safety, workers’ compensation and COVID-19. 

We also separately have information for Hairdressing and barbers and In-home services industries.

Beauty salons and day spas offer a range of personal services, such as:

  • beauty services
  • hair removal services (i.e. waxing, electrolysis, laser)
  • hair restoration service (except hair transplant service) 
  • make-up services
  • nail care / manicure services
  • skincare services
  • tanning services
  • massage and relaxation services 
  • tattooing and body piercing services

Workplaces for this industry can include shops, salons, massage places, health clubs, thermal/mineral springs, solariums and skincare clinics.  

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